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Review #112 Knob Creek 9yr: Bourbon

Score: 8.0 / 10

Distillery: Jim Beam Distillery

Type: Kentucky Straight Bourbon

I stumbled upon Knob Creek 9 a long time ago. Probably the 3rd whiskey that I ever purchased. You know, while I was in that maybe I'll try dabbling in whiskey phase. I absolutely loved it and immediately decided this is all I need. This was my whiskey. I'm sure you can figure out on review 112 that I was obviously kidding myself.

One of the 4 small batches that Jim Beam offers. There has been much talk about removing the age statement from the bottle in recent years. However, thus far it remains and I personally am very happy about that. Would it have been worse? Probably not, but it's the stigma associated with it. I don't think a lot of people associate Beam with this brand, but they should. As you dive deeper into Beam they offer a ton of good expressions once you get past the stereotype of their cheap stuff.

Whiskey Review:

Nose: Sweet cream and butter bring good feelings, oak, faint raspberry. Hint of Ethanol, but not overpowering in anyway.

Palate: Brown sugar rushes to the forefront, oak, cinnamon, and tannic leather begin to appear on the back end.

Finish: Long finish. Oak and white cracked peppercorn. Overall the finish is juicy in the mouth, while still being dry and tannic on the the tongue.

Score: 8.0


S+ Sensational - The Pinnacle (9.5+)

A - AXEceptional (astounding) (9-9.5)

B - bravo (step aBove average) (8-8.9)

C - competent (7-7.9)

D - disappointing (6-6.9)

F - flush it down the toilet (fail) (5.9 below)

Availability? Common. This is everywhere and it has a good price. Not only that, I even see it on sale pretty regularly. That makes this great to have around whether you sip or mix. I'd grab this before other popular cheap whiskies for a party any day.

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