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Review #51 Tin Cup: Whiskey

Score: 6.6 / 10

Distillery: Tin Cup

Type: Craft American Whiskey

Made for the honor of Colorado's first whiskey drinkers and the tin cups they drank from, according to the website, However NOT distilled in Colorado. Made in Indiana, cut with local water and bottled at Stranahan's plant. Honestly sounds pretty typical of a lot of the craft distilling scene in many states.

Well, I may get in trouble here..... but it does honor people that drink from tin cups and should not be drank in anything fancier. Definitely not one of Colorado's best whiskey brands. I can think of like 10 bottles immediately in this price range that I would rather have over this. If you would like to hear about some of those bottles, check out episode 2 of the Po It Up whiskey podcast here.

I try not to be too critical of craft whiskey, because I really would like them to succeed. However, sometimes, even they know they are not trying that hard.

Whiskey Review:

Nose: Grape, chemicals - ethanol, orange, citrus and freshly non aged oak

Palate: Orange, ethanol, sugar cookie dough, fresh oak, light leather

Finish: Short finish - not dazzling. Oak, citrus, lemon, strong ethanol lingers.

Score: 6.6


S+ Sensational - The Pinnacle (9.5+)

A - AXEceptional (astounding) (9-9.5)

B - bravo (step aBove average) (8-8.9)

C - competent (7-7.9)

D - disappointing (6-6.9)

F - flush it down the toilet (fail) (5.9 below)

Notes: Availability? Common. Find this one literally anywhere and then buy whatever is next to it.

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