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Review #80 Peach Street Distillers Barrel Strength: Bourbon

Score: 8.1 / 10

Distillery: Peach Street Distillers

Type: Craft Straight Bourbon

The new famous thing slowly building a name in Palisade Co that isn't growing peaches. Just using it in the name. After all, you can't fully get away from peaches in Palisade. An entire area known for growing some of the finest fruits and grains can't develop anything too disappointing right?

I always like to support local distilleries when I can, so I was thrilled one of my favorite stores picked two different bottlings from the same barrel. That's right, they picked a Barrel Strength (117 proof) and a standard proof bottling from the same barrel from Peach Street Distillers in Palisade CO. I like spicy bourbons so of course I opted for the higher proof.

58.5% - 117 Proof - Served neat in a Glencairn glass.

Whiskey Review:

Nose: Cherry cola, vanilla, brown sugar. Swishing the whiskey in the glass stirs up potent mocha with charred oak.

Palate: Thick and creamy mouthfeel that is loaded with vanilla and heavy whipping cream. Cherry carries over to the palate too along with light lemon and orange rind. 2/3rds of the way through the drinking experience heat builds and the mouthfeel changes to lightly carbonated surfacing cinnamon, spice and more oak. Strangely enough this whiskey oscillates between overly oaky bitterness and sweet carbonated cherry cola which is very unique.

Finish: Long lasting, very tannic - dries out the sides and front of the mouth entirely. Very astringent finish leaving toasted oak at large with light cacao and caramel.

Score: 8.1


S+ Sensational - The Pinnacle (9.5+)

A - AXEceptional (astounding) (9-9.5)

B - bravo (step aBove average) (8-8.9)

C - competent (7-7.9)

D - disappointing (6-6.9)

F - flush it down the toilet (fail) (5.9 below)

Notes: Availability? Common - Uncommon if stocked in your state.

This reminds me a LOT of Baker's 7 (Beam product) in terms of flavors - dry oakiness and the drinking experience which is juicy at first but then becomes carbonated and bitter (although the carbonation here isn't as intense). Again this whiskey shifts between being overly bitter on the back-end and overly cherry cola'ed. The bitterness can be overwhelming when it comes through, but it is absolutely delectable when the cherry cola shines. Any way you swing it, its a dynamic drinking experience and I enjoyed it.

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